Christopher and Marsha Explain It All for You | The Juilliard Journal

By David Auburn

Published in The Juilliard Journal, March 2014

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Juilliard’s Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program, one of its many distinguished alums, David Auburn (who wrote, among other plays, the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning Proof), chatted with co-directors Marsha Norman and Christopher Durang.

So, I guess the first question should be, when you agreed to take this job, did you think you’d be doing it 20 years later?
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Marsha Norman & Theater For Humans | InDepth InterView

by Pat Cerasaro

7 August 2011

Today we are talking to a singular literary talent who has written for Broadway, Hollywood, television and film, but, besides her Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway debut, ‘NIGHT MOTHER, which opened on Broadway in 1982, she is perhaps best known as the Tony-winning book-writer for two particularly beloved musicals of the last few decades: THE SECRET GARDEN and THE COLOR PURPLE.… Read the rest

Marsha Norman and Christoper Durang Interview | IMI

Nicole Renee Gilman, IMI Program

Christopher Durang/Marsha Norman Chapter

Marsha Norman:
Sometimes I am asked to talk about writing plays to groups of people who don’t know anything about writing plays, people who’ve spent their lives writing novels, or buying stocks, or building houses.  But sometimes we all need to hear the basics again.  So here are my simplest thoughts about writing for the theatre.
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Interview with Marsha Norman | Downstage Center

American Theatre Wing, Downstage Center

October 2006

Pulitzer Prize-winner Marsha Norman compares the gathering and rituals shared by theatre and houses of worship; explains why she could never have written ‘night Mother now that she’s had children; talks about her specific goals in crafting the lyrics for “Lily’s Eyes” in The Secret Garden; considers whether playwriting has actual rules and can be taught; and compares the story of The Color Purple to the classic tale of Cinderella.… Read the rest

Adam Rapp by Marsha Norman | BOMB Magazine

by Marsha Norman

Published in BOMB Magazine

After you read thousands of plays by young writers, you can pretty much tell in 10 pages whether the playwright is going to get you. The voice is either clear or not, the dramatic sensibility is either there or it isn’t, and the writer either knows or doesn’t know what his personal “content” is, the stuff he will draw on for a lifetime of writing.Read the rest

Marsha Norman | BOMB Magazine

by April Gornik

When I first met Marsha Norman—Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Marsha Norman, that is—I was delighted to find her not only accessible but also to be a playful person with a fabulous sense of humor. I had not seen her play ’Night Mother, when it had its hugely successful run, but subsequently read it and found it very troubling and provocative.… Read the rest